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 Employee Vetting

Why take chances? When employing somebody within the Parkview Preceinct, the Parkview SAPS is willing to perform a background check on your potential employee to ensure that they are not wanted in connection with a crime, or that they do not already have a criminal record.

You should not feel embarrassed to do this. Most employment agencies and many companies vet their candidates, and require a positive form of ID. It is therefore entirely appropriate that you require a copy of your prospective employee's identity document, and that you vet the eployee before committing to employ them. Bear in mind, particularly, that domestic employees will be working in your home or certainly within the perimiter of your property. Don't place an unreasonable reliance on your own judge of character!

Visit the Parkview SAPS for further details.

Page last modified: Friday November 13, 2009

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