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 Sector Policing

What is Sector Policing? This is an approach to policing whereby a police precint is divided into smaller, manageable areas known as sectors. For each sector, the SAPS appoints a police officer who is known as the sector manager. The sector managers report to the sector commander. Each community and its sector manager are active partners in ensuring local safety and security. The sector manager involves all role-players to identify the policing needs in the sector and to deal with the root causes of crime as well as factors which contribute to crime. The goal is to bring about effective crime prevention by launching intelligence-driven crime prevention projects in partnership with the local community.

The Parkview precinct is divided into four sectors, each with its own sector manager. There are currently no Sector Crime Forums, but there is a precinct-wide Community Safety Forum.

The Community Safety Forum is an information-sharing venue, whereas Sector Crime Forums may be used for more localised strategic planning purposes with regard to safety and crime-fighting initiatives.

The sector boundaries can be viewed on the Precinct Map.

In keeping with the Gauteng Provincial Commisioner's strategy, each sector will have two vehicles patrolling within the sector. Each sector vehicle will be marked with both the sector number and the cell number for that vehicle. Sector community members may call the vehicle directly, although the 10111 call centre should always be your first port of call. The cell numbers are given here, but where they are crossed out, they are not yet operational. We will remove the crossings as the vehicles become operational. You should NEVER call vehicles from other sectors, as sector vehicles are not permitted to leave their sectors, and you will simply be wasting everybody's time. If you cannot contact 10111 or your own sector's vehicles, call the station on 011 486 5000, 011 486 5057/8 or 011 486 5038.

Sectors are arranged as follows:

 Sector 1 / Craig Sector

Vehicle numbers: 071 675 6060 and 071 675 6061
Sector Manager: Warrant Officer Rapolai
This includes the suburbs listed below:

 Sector 2 / Park Sector

Vehicle numbers: 071 675 6062 and 071 675 6063
Sector Manager: Captain Mkhize (Sector Commander)
This includes the suburbs listed below:

 Sector 3 / REG Sector

Vehicle numbers: 071 675 6064 and 071 675 6065
Sector Manager: Warrant Officer Mathabatha
This includes the suburbs listed below:

 Sector 4 / Westview Sector

Vehicle numbers: 071 675 6066 and 071 675 6067
Sector Manager: Warrant Officer Pretorius
This includes the suburbs listed below:

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