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 Parkview CPF Fundraising

One of the functions of the CPF is to ensure that the SAPS is able to deliver a quality service to the community. The Parkview CPF raises funds to directly assist the Parkview Police Station in this regard. Since The Parkview CPF is a non-profit organisation with its own fundraising number, we can ensure that your donations are all channelled directly to your police station. The CPF identifies several funding projects each year which assist the Parkview SAPS in the execution of their duties, from a Station wishlist. In addition to assisting the SAPS, these projects also raise the morale of the SAPS members.

The CPF currently has two main sources of fundraising: donations (either by debit order, or once-off donations), and sticker sales.

While we are immensely grateful to our regular donors, there are currently less than 100 donors out of a total of approximately 20,000 households which the precinct serves. Obviously if 20,000 households each donated R1.00 per month, that would represent a very significant amount of money. We do understand that not everybody is able to or willing to donate, but the point is that every little bit helps, not matter how small.

If you wish to become a regular donor, please download and complete the debit order form and send this to us. Alternatively, please consider using the banking details on this form to make a donation. Note that for security reasons, your banking details are not held on the web server.

The Parkview Community Policing Forum is registered as a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO). This means that donations to the Parkview CPF are tax-deductable and are not taxed in the CPF's hands.

Parkview CPF sticker

Stickers are sold at events attended by the CPF, and are also available at the Parkview Police Station's Client Service Centre. The stickers are sold for R50.00. Not only do sticker sales make a valuable financial contribution, but displaying the stickers helps to boost SAPS morale, by showing that you support your SAPS. It also shows your fellow residents that there are people who care, and hopefully conveys the same message to would-be criminals.

Recent projects funded by the CPF include:

Alternatively, should you be in a position to donate specfic items which would assist in helping maintain SAPS members' morale, these would also be gratefully received. For example:

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