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 Parkview CPF Anti-corruption campaign

The Parkview CPF anti-corruption campaign was formulated in response to a disturbing number of reports of vulnerable people being stopped, particularly late at night in isolated areas, and being coerced into a bribe. Disturbing characteristics were an apparent inability to discern which police force was involved, as well as a lack of knowledge about one's rights and responsibilities when stopped by a member of one of the police services.

Although a few corrupt members have already been arrested and charged at SAPS Parkview, this campaign is in no way intended to imply that SAPS Parkview is a significant source of corruption. It's just that our CPF has decided to try to do something about this Nation-wide scourge, and in this, the management and members of SAPS Parkview have been very supportive and encouraging, as have senior management at SAPS Gauteng.

While it is worth knowing one's rights, it would be foolish to suggest that members of the public become angry, arrogant or confrontational in the face of armed people who may become concerned for their own security when called out for being corrupt. If faced with threats of violence, it is still best to comply, but to take note of everything which could be useful in bringing the perpetrators to justice later on. For starters, you should be familiar with police service uniforms so that you can narrow down the search for the culprits. You should attempt to ascertain the name, rank and station of the officers concerned wherever possible. You should also take note of the number of officers, and attempt to note the types of vehicles. Registration numbers would be helpful, but also keep a lookout for call-signs on the vehicles themselves. These are usually prominent markings with one or two letters, and two or three numbers. Official vehicles are fitted with satellite tracking devices, so an accurate location and accurate time and date can help enormously to identify vehicles involved.

The idea behind the campaign is to educate motorists about their rights and responsibilities so that they can discourage the solicitation of bribes. Our packs are due to be distributed to every household in our precinct, but we would also like the campaign to spread wider than this. We hope that the easily recognisable sticker to be used on the driver's side window will become known amongst police members, and that they will recognise that the driver is aware of their rights.

Bear in mind that a few corrupt officers are bringing the police services into disrepute, so it is in the interests of honest police officers to eliminate corruption too. In this respect, the Parkview CPF endorses the Crime and Justice Hub's Promote Professional Policing initiative.

This campaign is not a get-out-of-jail card if you have been caught contravening the law. While you still have rights, this information is not a recipe for defeating the ends of justice.

Packing of the anti-corruption packs is complete, and distribution is well underway. Extra printed packs are available for a discretionay donation, which should at least cover the cost of getting them to you! Please contact us to arrange for these.

 Press stories about the campaign

See the following links for other stories related to this event:
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 Pack contents

These materials are being made available at no cost under the GNU Free Documentation License. The essence of this license is to give the originators credit, even if the document is modified, but it does not place the onus of responsibility for those changes on the original authors. It also ensures that nobody else can modify it and claim their own copyright. You may copy and distribute the materials in any medium, either commercially or non-commercially, provided that this license, the copyright notices, and the license notice saying this license applies to the materials are reproduced in all copies, and that you add no other conditions whatsoever to those of this license. You may not use technical measures to obstruct or control the reading or further copying of the copies you make or distribute. However, you may accept compensation in exchange for copies. By downloading, copying or using these materials, you will have been deemed to have accepted these terms. Please read the full license wording or contact us if you have any questions.

The following materials are in each pack:

  1. Instruction leaflet
  2. Know your rights booklet
  3. Rights and responsibilities summary sticker
  4. Window sticker

 How we funded all this

This campaign would not have been possible without the generous contributions of our sponsors.

John Robbie of 702 Talk Radio invited the Parkview CPF Chairman, Geoff Klass, on air to talk about the proposed campaign, and from this segment, several sponsors immediately came on board.

Avery Graphics sponsored the sticker materials. These are high quality, specialised materials, both for the window sticker (adhesive material which had to accept printing on both sides), and high-quality reflective material for the rights and responsibility stickers. The reflective nature of this material enhances visibility and contrast when lit in the dim interior of a vehicle. Avery Graphics also assisted in contracting the specialised printers needed to print on this material. Their moral support is also very much appreciated.

Chartis Insurance offered to cover the considerable printing costs. Their suggestions and encouragement also went a long way in seeing us through this project.

Bastion graphics were responsible for the designs and proofs for the entire project. Anyone who has dealt with a committee when designing materials will appreciate what an enormous undertaking this was! In addition, they managed the production project and donated the self-adhesive transparent covers for the packs.

All concerned have earned our grattitude and enormous respect. Thank you to all!

 Packing the materials

We are deeply indebted to the Grade 8 pupils of Greenside High (under the direction of the Grade 8 head Mrs Els-Van Dyk), who collated and packed the materials as part of their community service programme. The task was performed diligently and in record time. The enthusiasm with which this project was tackled gave us hope that willing community service is alive and well in our children, which bodes well for the country's future.

See the Greenside High Grade 8 photo album.

 Corruption Watch rights card

Corruption Watch has also produced a "know your rights" card to carry in your car. They have also produced a damning report on corruption within the JMPD. Their website is at Sign their pledge here!

 Justice Project South Africa

The Justice Project South Africa is a separate initiative to our anti-corruption campaign. This initiative relates more to giving its members support if they are harrassed or threatened with arrest at roadblocks. They also provide valuable information about AARTO, and in particular, how AARTO is being mis-applied in Gauteng. You can read more about the project and how to join on their websites at and


eBlockwatch is another separate initiative. You can register with them to record a conversation with officers at a roadblock. This recording is held on a server, so even if your cellphone is illegally confiscated, there is still an accessible recording of the interaction. A link to the recording is also automatically sent to nominated recipients. If you are registered for the eBlockwatch panic button service, an SMS is also sent to your emergency contacts. More information at


Enough! is an initiative which has its genesis in the hi-jacking of an individual by either bogus or rogue police officers in an unmarked car in May 2012. Instead of simply joining the chorus of complainers, he and his sister are doing something about it, which we commend. We do, however, have some difficulty with the baseless assertion that "good, honest and committed" cops are "far outweighed by the corrupt ones". They are selling stickers for R5 which state "This vehicle only stops at police stations. You are welcome to follow me there!". This is a good idea, as this has been the advice of police officers in the event that citizens are unsure of the identities of people purporting to be police officers and who attempt to stop them. This makes good sense if one acknowledges that the police station is not overrun with corrupt cops. It is hoped that as the hurt fades, this initiative will grow in maturity and scope in the future. More information can be found at

 Caxton Autodealer

Caxton press' Looklocal Motoring has also produced an anti-corruption sticker.

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